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Lumen – Competition Wax

MacBRITE waxes are essentially based on a 60 year old care formula founded by an English coachbuilder from Bristol. Many extraordinary products, including the first MacBRITE car polish, originated more or less on Malcolm McBrite's kitchen table in the workshop adjacent to his house, purely to enable him to treat the surfaces of his improved bodyworks with a very special wax.

Over the decades, since those first precious jars of "antique wax", we at MacBRITE have dedicated ourselves to the development of waxes.

At the time of development, the company founder Malcolm McBrite's original "secret formula" was based on a very high proportion of carnauba wax. Waxes of this type are now outdated and we have therefore constantly improved the original formula.

Lumen is hand manufactured in England and filled into individual containers. It consists of a composition of different waxes, not only from carnauba wax, but also from a mixture of paraffin wax and a modern synthetic wax. The result is the deep, unique MacBRITE shine that receives enthusiastic customer response worldwide.

The high quality formula does not allow for industrial production. We will not compromise in our passion to produce the best waxes and car-care products.

Lumen, our unique product, isn't designed to meet sales targets or production budgets. It is what it is; high quality wax - from perfectionists, for perfectionists.

Forget about waxes that are available in plastic, PE-, or glass-like containers. High quality waxes can only be supplied in glass jars due to their special compositon.

Glass jar contains 135 grams

198,99 EUR

( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

1.474,00 EUR per kilogramme

Shipping time: 36 hours


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